I've been learning Spanish with Angélica since last summer (2020). Next to learning the language is each of her lessons like a little excursion into the culture of Colombia and it's great fun. She always knows how to motivate me and has endless creative ideas for interesting lessons.

Communication with Macondo and the planning of the lessons is always simple and straightforward.

Daniel Roth

If you want to learn Spanish but don't want to be tied to a certain place, as well as being flexible in terms of time, the Instituto Macondo is the right contact for you. I used to have Spanish lessons in school more than 5 years ago and have never had the opportunity to brush up on the language since then. Since a lot has changed due to Corona and I have a lot of time over the summer, I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn Spanish again. I came across Macondo through Alessia, who, like me, did her Bachelor in Applied Languages ​​in Winterthur, Switzerland.

I decided to take private lessons because I think that, especially in groups, it is not always possible to deal with each individual and you quickly lose interest and motivation.

This was not the case here. The courses are online courses that are carried out via Zoom, which can sometimes lead to technical difficulties, but for which solutions can always be found. Furthermore, it must be taken into account that the courses are held in Colombia and therefore there is a time difference of 7 hours to Europe. Accordingly, the courses can only take place in the afternoon, which was not a problem for me. Even if everything happens online, in my opinion you get a much more authentic picture of Latin American culture and it all takes place on a much more personal level than if you were in a classroom. For example, it happened that we introduced our pets to each other, were able to show pictures from our homes, etc.

I particularly liked the fact that I was able to speak a lot, because this is often neglected, especially in school, but also in classical lessons, or is limited to dialogues. Otherwise, I was able to completely revise my grammar knowledge, practice text comprehension and learn a lot about Latin America, which I knew little or nothing about before. During the courses you work without books, which means that your needs can be addressed individually and the hours are put together based on them.

So all in all, after my 20 hours of Spanish lessons, I am more than satisfied and can only recommend Instituto Macondo to others.

Everyone can learn Spanish here, regardless of whether they are a beginner or someone who already has a broad knowledge of Spanish but would like to deepen it.

Tina Katzbauer

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