Why Macondo?

The name Macondo is closely related to Colombian culture. A famous poet and writer named Gabriel José García Márquez wrote a book for which he received the Nobel Prize in Literature. In the book Cien años de Soledad he writes about the history of the village of Macondo and enchanted the whole world with his Realismo Mágico.

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The village of Mompox is considered the inspiration for Macondo

Our Ideas and Goals

We want to offer quality and accessible Spanish classes with native speakers across the world. Our idea is to unite people from different cultures to spread the Colombian warmth and enjoyment of life!

Nothing should prevent that - that's why we start with online lessons! However, as soon as the current situation changes, our vision is to offer local lessons here in Colombia. But we don't just want to offer Spanish classes but also a cultural experience. We want to bring authentic Colombia closer to our students and convey the values ​​and traditions of this culture to them.

This is Colombia!

Colombia has many different facets and there is definitely something for everyone :)

The country has a lot to offer in terms of landscape, from the Caribbean to the Pacific to deserts, mountains and jungles. So take enough time to inquire about Colombia!

There are also different gastronomic highlights in every region. But what all of Colombia has in common is surely the preference for salsa! Cali is the salsa capital of Colombia and an important place in the world of salsa worldwide. A couple of dance lessons in Cali should definitely be on your to-do list :)


As already mentioned, Colombia has a lot to offer. Here are a few key travel destinations to remember:

The capital

In the center of the country is the capital Bogotá with approximately 8 million inhabitants at an altitude of 2640m. In the center of Bogotá you can visit La Candelaria and climb the local mountain Monserrate. You can also organize short trips from Bogotá, for example to Villa de Leyva, a charming colonial town. Those who prefer to enjoy a bit of nature can visit the rather cold Páramos Chingaza or Sumapaz. If you prefer heat, the Tatacoa desert is definitely recommended!

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La Candelaria in the center of Bogotá


Cartagena is a typical colonial town on the Caribbean coast and the # 1 travel destination. Tourists from all over the world travel to Cartagena every year to admire the colorful downtown and nearby beaches such as Playa Blanca or Islas del Rosario!

Once in Cartagena, a trip to Santa Marta is definitely worth it. The city can be reached in about 4 hours by bus and is the starting point for some beautiful beaches such as Parque Tayrona, Taganga or Palomino. If you are hiking and adventurous, a trip to Ciudad Perdida is also recommended. The ruined city can be reached in a 4- or 5-day hike.

If you want to travel to the northernmost point, you will reach La Guajira. Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas are still relatively untouched patches of earth, where the Caribbean desert reaches the sea and is great for kitesurfing!

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The colorful streets of Cartagena

West and South

To the west is the impressive Zona Cafetera or Eje Cafetero, where Colombia's world-famous coffee is grown. The closest big city is Medellin, la eterna primavera, where it is always around 25 ° C and therefore definitely worth a visit :). The capital cities of the coffee region are Manizales, Pereira and Armenia. Don't forget the beautiful village of Salento. An absolute highlight in this region is the Valle del Cocora with its huge wax palms!

Further south we find the Salsa capital Cali. If you come here, be sure to try the typical Salsa Caleña style! This city has some of the best salsa clubs in the country. In the west we find the rough Pacific coast with its breathtaking nature. Buenaventura is a good starting point to admire some pristine beaches such as La Barra and Ladrilleros. Or if you like it a bit adventurous, you should visit Nuqui and watch whales!

In the very south on the way to Ecuador are the beautiful cities of Popayan, Pasto and Ipiales, where the breathtaking church of Santuario de Las Lajas is located.

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The breathtaking Santuario de Las Lajas


In the southeast of Colombia, the Amazon region lies on the border with Peru, Brazil and Venezuela. There are definitely plenty of options for an adventure vacation here! Leticia, the capital of the Amazon department, is the best starting point for various excursions. The city can only be reached by plane, and you can already be impressed by the incredible flora and fauna of the Amazon region on arrival!

Of course there are many many other wonderful travel destinations in Colombia! Here you only got a first impression of the charms of the country :)

Let me know what you think about it and I will of course be happy to help you with questions and travel arrangements!

Hope to see you soon :)

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